Would you know?

Haven;t any ord to state …. just have a look to be speechless ….

Words in verse

what would you know, sweet child
of toxins injected daily
by those who purportedly love and care
they corrode the insides
leave permanent scars invisible to strangers
don’t judge looking from the outside

your mother
she cooked and watched you eat
combed your hair
removed tangles with care
coaxed and cajoled
insisted you finish your chores
many times watched you walk out
irritated to the core
through her exasperation she smiled
affection was in her eyes
she knew you were hers and you knew it too
and were happy secretly, even as your tantrums grew
in her firm ‘no’
love was plain to see
she sat by your sick bed
also listened to what bothered your pretty head
each time you stumbled
her hand was ready, you held
she not just kept you in her heart
but in every prayer she said

how would you know what it feels

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